Monday, April 9, 2012

Web.Config Fixed

Well, it turns out that a second set of eyes can do wonders for troubleshooting. I filed a ticket with Sitecore and Alexey easily pointed out that the web.config my new site was using was missing the proper XslExtensions mapping. While it was correct in the 6.1 instance, I had missed porting it over to the new 6.5 web.config and then was looking at the old file thinking i had put it in there. Oops, that’s pretty weak on my part. Now that the config has been properly updated things are loading properly and everything is looking good. Alexey also reminded me that this is not their preferred method for upgrading a Sitecore instance but at the end of the day, for my personal situation which is basically a small team and no budget to upgrade from point release to point release manually updating configs and databases, I think that if everything tests out it will be the way we move forward.

Another thing I figured out the hard way via debugging is that any custom handlers you have need to now be set up under in the web.config file when you move to 4.0 of the .Net framework on the server and also switch over to the Integrated pipeline. Not a big ordeal, just took a bit of logic and a second opinion to reason that one out.

Now everything is happy and we’re on to the QA phase.