Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Olympics follow-up

I know everyone is wondering how the ad performed but I have sad news. It sat for so long in the Facebook approval queue that it never went live. I'm sure that had it been shown on the site together we would have reached the 1 million member mark but alas we only got to 15 brave souls. Thanks, team!

All is not lost, however, as spring is in the air and the kids are getting psyched up for baseball season! They are finally big enough to get the sweet baseball gloves that Ell & Marisa gave them last Christmas when we went back east and all got sick.

This is Sarah getting the feel for things. We started out easy so nobody took one to the face. I'm sure it won't be long before Matty plunks her with a giro-ball the way he loves to throw. We're thinking he make the Giants this year, based on the current quality of their farm system.
Here's Matty working on taking fly balls. Two hands, kid! He loves the concept but is still working on execution. For now we pretty much just exchange the ball glove to glove but, hey, they're not even 2. The one thing he is good at, though, is calling out which sport we're watching on TV as well as knowing which types of balls he's looking at. So far we know: football, baseball, soccer, hockey and tennis (Nana!, Nana!).