Sunday, December 14, 2008

Matthew has a tooth!

Not to be outdone by Sarah, Matthew wanted to be included in the blog for doing something awesome. After about 3 months of acting like he was teething his tooth finally popped through last week. We are all pretty excited about it and hopefully it will return him to a non-teething pain state.

Sarah like to jump!

Wow, I guess I missed the monthly post for November. Apologies to my 0 readers. I'm just lucky I didn't get any hate mail for not posting. It was a busy month and we packed up the whole fam and headed out to Stinson Beach for our annual gathering. So thanksgiving, we moved, etc. Now you're caught up. I shot this video from my phone this morning but am not sure how to rotate it and the kids give me about 5 minutes at a time to ignore them so you need to turn your screen. Maybe later I will take some pics of the house and post them. Enjoy!