Saturday, May 30, 2009

Toddler time!

Well, it finally happened. After weeks of being forced to practice walking between Erin and I the kids gave it a shot on their own. The amazing thing is that the both made their first solo attempts at exactly the same time. They were playing on the kid couch that the love so much when they apparently just decided to give it a try. Erin, Nana and I were talking about how amazing they are when they both stood up and walked over to Erin to give her a big hug and a kiss. It was pretty awesome but now we are realizing how much more work it will be to keep track of them since they are so fast. Now they are starting to try and walk on their own more and still fall down a lot but it doesn't seem like it will take them much longer to nail it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Perfect parenting day

Erin pointed out that it has been almost four months since I had wrote a post, which made me feel bad for letting all of you down. Today I wrote a parenting bio about my perfect day of parenting for a proposal and it seemed like a reasonable topic to post so here it is. Enjoy!

My perfect day of parenting begins around 6am when my wife and I hear our son stirring in his crib. We hang out and listen to him as he babbles a bit to himself, eventually waking his sister up. They make noises at each other and giggle for a while before calling out 'maaamaaa' or 'daaadaaa' around 6:30. When we walk in to get them they do a happy dance and squeal with joy. We get them changed and take them into the living room where we all play for a while until it is time for breakfast. Sarah will sign for her sippy cup of milk and then for Matthew's, handing it to him since he doesn't know the sign yet. After a huge breakfast of oatmeal, banana, blueberries and rice chex we clean them up and hang out in the play room until 9 or so when they decide it is time for a nap. We then use the next two hours to clean up around the house, surf the interwebs and get caught up on things in general. With twins, there never seems to be enough time to catch up. When they get up at the same time around 11 we'll load them into the jogging stroller and take a long walk around the neighborhood, stopping by Gerstle Park to play with other kids for a while. On the way home we'll stop in at Sol food or a burrito place for some lunch and they scarf up rice and beans along with a sippy cup of milk each. Getting home around 1pm it's straight to bed for a solid nap. When they get up around 3, we'll head out again to meet our friends and their kid or kids, depending on who's around that day. More playing and romping ensue while the adults hang out and watch from a distance. We get home around 5:30 and it is time for dinner. They eat pasta, pizza, fish sticks, and anything else we throw together with gusto, except for vegetables, which Matty has taken a dislike to. Back into the playroom or the back yard afterwards, we play with them and they make us read the same books over and over again. “Yum yum, Dim sum” is one of their favorites. "Why, oh why, my little shui mai, do I love you so?" We'll playfully work on walking and vocabulary while playing then it is into the bath where they play more and happily splash each other for a bit. Cleaned up and ready for bed we get them into sleepers and sleep sacks then they hit the soon-to-be-retired bottle. Once done we say goodnight to all the stuffed animals on the shelf (polar bear, black bear, Raggedy Andy... the list goes on and on). In their cribs by 6:50 and sound asleep by 7, my wife and I look at each other and say, once again, "How did we get so lucky?". We then make something for ourselves to eat, wind down with some tv or a book and call it a night.