Monday, July 21, 2008

A weekend for the ages.

This past weekend we gathered up the kids and went to our first giants game as a family. My bother- and sister-in-law had club level tickets they weren't going to be able to use and called up Friday night. Since we didn't have any plans we called grandpa Mike since we knew he'd love to go with us and an extra set of hands never hurts. The kids were awesome the entire time (6 full innings) and really had a great time. They could have made it longer if the Giants hadn't stunk up the joint in the 6th giving up 4 runs and making a couple of pitching changes. The kids just couldn't believe that Bochy would pull Sanchez so quickly when he was cruising along and they had a 4-1 lead. Get used to it kids! Here's a picture of Matthew as the super-fan:Sunday we started out going to a dim sum brunch with my co-worker and his wife then went to a few open houses and wrapped the day up with a twins welcome party in Santa Rosa with about 100 kids. My kids were fantastic the entire time and were loved by everyone. Actually all the kids there were great but I guess I'm sort of partial to mine.

As if the weekend couldn't get better, Matthew decided he would sleep for 6 hours Sunday night.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At least it's sterile

So this weekend I was holding Sarah on her side and was trying to shush her into a relaxed state instead of the frantic panic she was expressing and she peed on my bare foot. For the record she had a diaper, onesie and pants one. Somehow the angle was perfect for some leakage. Unbelievable! I thought it would be a few years (maybe 13) until they started to be obvious about their un-appreciativeness to their parents, but I guess it starts even earlier. She later apologized and we are back to good terms so it is water under the bridge. Here is a picture of her looking very satisfied with her work: