Thursday, June 3, 2010

Home improvement project


This is post is going to be dedicated to the closet project (more or less). The main, perhaps only, shortcoming of the house (now that we've lived here over five months) is the closet in our bedroom. It is the typical old style door to a small part of the closet and you can't ever hope to reach the stuff in back type. Kind of like this:

We had been planning on replacing the door with a bigger opening and installing a curtain for easy access for some time but visitors then the kids' birthday party kind of pushed it out a bit. Last weekend I actually made some time to work on it. In one day I got most of the demo done. I got the wall opened up and then cleaned. It took quite a while due to interruptions from the kids and not being able to make noise during nap or sleepy time.Now the whole thing looks like this:

So far, so good. Now I need to chop out the studs and put in a new header then trim it out.Maybe in another couple months, I'll get to that. But now, your pic o' the post. Two cute kids inspecting the dog trying to eat breakfast.