Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hitting my stride.

Apparently I'm a once a month blogger. I will just have to learn to deal with the realization that my desire to write is outweighed by my desire not to lose my job or ignore my family. Consequently I am going to have to give up my dream of getting paid to blog and being able to quit my day job to just record my musings for your enjoyment. With that said, I'm going to dive into the blogging just in case I also am soon to discover that I have a 100 word limit post in me as well.

Sarah has started to make fun pseudo-talking/babbling noises and it has to be the cutest thing ever. If I can figure out how to get the mp4 off my phone and into a reasonable format that plays online I will post it but until then just trust me, it is the best thing ever. Matty makes some noises but they are just normal sounds and nowhere near as cute as his sister. Sorry, dude, get used to it. You can pretty much bench press your sister, so you can always fall back on that.

Today we took the whole family and Bob (the stroller) up to camino alto and hiked around. According to gmap-pedometer we made it approximately 2.66 miles which isn't so bad. About a quarter of it was pretty much up a 60% grade so that part was tough, but overall everybody had a good time.

Tomorrow gramps is coming over for a cookout and to sleep over before he heads east to the cuse on Monday. Should be fun. Everybody keeps saying how big the kids are getting but it is tough to tell when you see them every day. I uploaded some new-old pics to picasa today and the change is striking. They started out so tiny and are now like regular kids. Pretty soon they will be eating real food and Matty will be sleeping through the night.

I'll wrap up with your pics o' the day. See you next month.