Monday, March 5, 2012

Crossfit time!

For Christmas I got the wife a last-second (literally) groupon gift certificate and a few weeks later we saw a sweet deal for our local crossfit gym. It was basically pay for 2 classes and get 10 free or something like that. Since we've been meaning to get back into shape and she has a bum knee I got the goods. Have gone two times now (Thurs then Sat) and it is pretty tough. Either that or I am in really bad shape. Or a combination of those, probably. I haven't puked or anything but really had to dial back the proscribed exercise reps in order to complete in a timely fashion. Felt super sore on Friday and some but not as much on Sunday. Today I'm feeling pretty good and even rode the 'ol DR-Z into work. Going to try and keep it up because I already feel much better and can tell it is a super-solid workout. Plus, everyone there seems pretty chill. It isn't like going to some meathead gym and getting shamed for lifting so little. Maybe in a few more weeks I'll be keeping up with the rest of the people there but for now I'm just going to push myself to do as much as I can and forget about them.

Also, of greater interested to the technical community as opposed to the athletic community, I just switched over to IntenseDebate as the commenting platform for this blog. Going to give it a test run and see what it does. Please comment so I can see how this shit works.